The Virtual Building Company


Enterprise Applications for Virtual Worlds


The Virtual Building Company is a design and development practice for implementing enterprise applications for virtual worlds.

* Virtual world implementation consultants

* 3D design and build for virtual worlds

* Staff avatar training

* Bespoke training programmes

author : dr peter hagerty

email : peter

avatar : Arklo Galicia | OSGrid | New Genres Grid | Second Life

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The Virtual Building Company Illustrated Portfolio of Virtual Builds in JPEG format


ISEA2011 Istanbul - Paper Presentation "Archipelagos of Art"

A short paper (2500w) considering the rapidly growing metaverse and it's implications for a post industrial society with particular reference to the new art forms specific to this new medium

Watch Avatar Presentation(20mins) ISEA2011 Istanbul

Download PDF "Archipelagos of Art" ISEA2011 Istanbul

But is it Art ? (2009)

Online Virtual World Example

VISIT Museum Construction - a Kitely Online Test Build

Online Virtual World Example

VISIT The Laboratory of Antoine Lavoisier, Paris 1772 - in Second Life

Machinima Tour of The Laboratory of Antoine Lavoisier

Download a Virtual World Browser (For PC, Mac or Linux)

These browsers are compatible with all Open Sim Grids including the, Second Life Grid, Reaction Grid, Inworldz Grid, Kitely Grid

Phoenix browser (Phoenix Downloads - Version

Second Life browser (Browser V2)