History of Photography

H of P Seminars
Critical Studies
E. Chambre Hardman


History of Photography Seminars

1. The Prehistories of European Art

A background to the history of art from a neolithic perspective

2. The Camera during the Renaissance

The origins of the camera obscura and it's utilisation in the sixteeenth and seventeeth centuries

3. Photography and Dutch 17th C. Painting

The influence of Dutch painting on early nineteenth century photography

4. Before Photography

The revelation of photography came in 1839, but utilised knowledge from earlier science and technology.

5. Foreign Travellers and English Naturalists

During the later nineteenth century travel and landscape were an inspiration to artists working with photography

6. Models of 19th Century Practice

A comparative study of two contemporary landscape photographers; Roger Fenton in England and Gustave le Gray in France.

7. The Viennese Secession and Pictorialism

The influence of the European avant garde on early twentieth century American and British photography.

8. Modernism and Photography

Photography finds a visual language of it's own

9. American Beats

The unique contribution of American photographers

10. Mid 20th Century British Photography

The diversity of practice in British photography.

11. 70 Photographers

12. 21st Century Photography

The end of classical chemical photography and the arrival of the new digital media.

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